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Entrepreneurial flair

Our unique blend of entrepreneurial, operational and investment skills enables us to partner with aspirational management teams.




We’re here to help management build even better businesses. 

We’re partners looking for entrepreneurs like us who are ready for the next phase of growth. And we understand their ambitions because we’re business owners ourselves.

It means we have a rare mix of entrepreneurial, operational and investment experience – and see opportunities where others see challenges.


Ken Terry - quote

“We have a very entrepreneurial culture at Elysian Capital. We are focussed on supporting management’s aspirations and enhancing their operational expertise to create value for all stakeholders. We are keen to back and support entrepreneurial and aspirational management, with whom we can have an empathetic relationship.”

Ken Terry

CEO, Elysian Capital

Why Elysian

We’re more than a private equity firm. We’re true partners, in sincere alignment with the management teams we back. 

We’ve always believed in our business so as individuals have committed more personal capital to our funds than is typical of our industry.

Our unusually high personal investment means we’re dedicated to success, from ensuring we’ve partnered with the right company and management team from the outset to maximising every opportunity to create value. 

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