Gravity Global


Gravity Global

Gravity Global

Sector: Business Services

Status: In Portfolio

Fund: III

Deal type: Management buyout

Investment date: September 2021

Gravity Global is a digital marketing business serving a blue-chip customer base and complex markets. It operates in a range of industries including software, financial services, aerospace, industrial, pharmaceutical and automotive.

Gravity Global

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“Our new partnership with Elysian Capital marks a significant milestone in Gravity’s history. It will enable us to accelerate dramatically our growth strategy as well as help us add further rigour and discipline to the business where it is needed.”

Mark Lethbridge

Chief Executive, Gravity Global

Gravity Global

Gravity global investment rationale

Investment rationale

Gravity Global uses a range of digital marketing strategies to improve brand perception and drive customer demand, helping clients with marketing and strategy as part of a broader digital transformation trend.

It had built impressive momentum in its growth at the time of our acquisition. It had also developed a network of four offices in the UK, operations in Poland and Spain, and links with affiliates internationally.

Creating value

We’re working with management to further the company’s growth, built with a highly focussed strategy that has generated significant success in its target markets.

It comes as businesses are more focussed than ever on their digital presence. This is leading to greater demand for experts in the digital brand experience who can maximise the potential to serve existing clients and win new customers in challenging times.

Under our ownership, Gravity Global has:

  • Established a meaningful presence in the US and introduced new technical capabilities through the acquisition and integration of three businesses.
  • Continue to deliver excellence to our clients as the most award winning B2B and Complex Markets agency.
  • Rolled out new and enhanced systems, including financial ERP, across the entire group.
  • Restructured how our teams work together as part of a global strategy focussed on client service.
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