Sector: Industrials, Business Goods

Status: In Portfolio

Fund: III

Deal type: Management buyout

Investment date: September 2021

D3O is the world’s leading protection company, having created the market for branded protection wear in 2006.

It designs, manufactures and distributes impact protection products to B2B customers globally.

Its brand and the ‘Protected by D3O®’ TrustMark are synonymous with the highest quality – and its innovative technology, which offers the thinnest, most flexible and most advanced protection available.

Professional athletes, industrial workers and stunt performers in the film industry worldwide depend on D3O products.


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“We are excited to be working Elysian and have been impressed by the quality of their team… We now look forward to scaling the business and realising the significant opportunities to protect people and their things around the world”.

Stuart Sawyer

Chief Executive, D3O


D3O investment rationale

Investment rationale

D3O had a compelling combination of technology and brand at the time of our investment, and a global presence with an innovation centre in the UK, research centre in the US and manufacturing site in China.

The business had amassed an impressive customer base spanning some of the world’s leading suppliers of protection equipment, across segments including sport, outdoor and electronics in the consumer market and defence and industrial in the personal protection equipment (PPE) market.

Creating value

In recent years, the company had shifted from a product-centric to a brand-centric business. D3O’s products are best in class but it had identified an opportunity to help its customers leverage the commercial advantage of the Protected by D3O® TrustMark.

We’re supporting the team as it realises D3O’s potential in existing and new market segments.


Under our ownership D3O has:

  • Continued with its impressive new product development pipeline.
  • Expanded the range of customers within the consumer electronics sector.
  • Increased its focus on realising the value of its TrustMark.
  • Built on its international presence with a new sales and marketing base in the US.
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