working with us

Given our commitment to our funds, we work with our management teams as engaged owners with consistent involvement over the life of an investment through both good and more challenging times.

Our operational experience and the detailed work that we do pre and post deal means that we get a good understanding of the business which allows us to ask the right questions to support the business. We will back management and form deep relationships with them.

“It felt like a partnership and the friendship developed continued when we sold.”

John Hall, CEO, Volvox Group

We are pragmatic and not prescriptive. There is no Elysian standard template and we will work with management teams to work out what is appropriate for each situation.

"Elysian's approach is 'tailor made', taking into account our market and history. They didn't impose anything following their investment but worked through the Board and by mutual agreement to help us improve what we do, regularising reporting, developing new KPIs relevant to our industry and suggesting new systems for improving cash collection that worked for us."

Jim Anderson, CEO, Axis Well Technology

We are thorough and will challenge management to continuously improve and develop the business as far as they can, as this delivers value to all stakeholders.

We do not have a portfolio mindset and we will remain committed to all businesses and help them rise to the challenges and opportunities from unforeseen external circumstances. We have partners who have faced these issues from the manager’s chair and can therefore empathise with management’s position.

“A key observation for me was the fact that during the exit process, Elysian were keen to ensure that management were comfortable with the terms of the Sale and Purchase agreement and didn’t review it only considering Elysian’s interests – but also the potential impact on the management team.”

Kirstin Hawkins, FD, Volvox Group