entrepreneurial origins

Elysian Capital itself is an entrepreneurial venture rather than a spin off from another Private Equity house. We own our business and are here because we want to continue to build it in partnership with our management teams.

“We have a very entrepreneurial culture at Elysian Capital, having started our own business. We are focussed on supporting management’s aspirations and enhancing their operational expertise to create value for all stakeholders. We are keen to back and support entrepreneurial and aspirational management, with whom we can have an empathetic relationship.”

Ken Terry, CEO, Elysian Capital

Elysian Capital was founded in 2007 by Ken Terry and Chai Patel. They met when Ken backed Chai in an MBO of The Priory Group, while a partner at Doughty Hanson. Together they believed there was an opportunity for a different type of Private Equity firm in the UK lower mid-market that would bring together four elements:

  • Outstanding private equity skills and experience, developed over more than 25 years, to identify and complete attractive investments
  • Real operational management experience in-house, creating empathy with management teams and helping them develop practical solutions for the challenges and opportunities they face
  • A regional presence with partners based locally, recognising that there are great businesses throughout the UK and Ireland and we want to serve them better
  • A significant personal financial commitment by all members of the firm to the funds ensuring strong alignment with management teams and investors. The team has contributed £41m across the first two funds

The team was built from a range of PE and industry backgrounds to ensure the best blend of skills and experience to deliver the Elysian model to the lower midmarket. That same team has been working together since inception to form a strong internal bond.

“We deliberately recruited a team from a range of backgrounds and companies. Our aim is to create significant value for our management teams and investors by helping to build great companies using our team’s wealth of private equity experience as well as its operating skills, insight and judgement developed over 25 years of successfully managing and investing in private businesses.”

Dr Chai Patel, Chairman, Elysian Capital