environmental, social and governance

Elysian Capital has been founded on integrity and the highest professional and ethical standards and is committed to investing in high quality companies. Our aim is to create significant value by sourcing, investing, building and developing great companies.

The countries in which our companies operate in have extensive laws, regulations, regulatory authorities and restrictions that must be complied with. Accordingly, throughout the investment lifecycle we take a risk based approach to Environmental, Social and Governance matters.

Our working principles to make sure we integrate responsible investing into our approach are:

  1. Integrate ESG matters into our deal process, investment decision and ownership
  2. Incorporate all relevant information about ESG matters into our investment decisions
  3. Ensure our investment teams understand the reasons, issues and opportunities behind ESG matters
  4. Actively engaging with our portfolio companies and their management teams to promote and seek better ESG performance
  5. Ensure consistent standards of monitoring and reporting of ESG matters across the portfolio

Everyone at Elysian Capital seeks to apply these principles in their everyday roles and activities.