our approach

We can often see opportunities where others see challenges and complexity as a result of our experience and knowledge.

We consider risk in a different way given our in house operational skills. We only want to complete a small number of deals each year so when we enter a process we are committed to trying to make it succeed.

We are pragmatic but diligent. Given our commitment we tend to undertake a deep review early. This is not to be difficult or waste time but we want to identify any areas of concern earlier in the process. We will be transparent about this and believe it improves the likelihood of a deliverable deal.

We are tenacious and will endeavour to work with management to find solutions, both at the start and during our partnership together.

“During the process, the Elysian team spent a significant amount of time with us. This was time well spent, not only so that they could understand the detail of the business today but also to allow us to appreciate how their experience could help us realise the vision for the future. Consequently we hit the ground running as soon as we completed the deal.”

Tom Duffy, Managing Director, Sambro

We have a flat structure and therefore, when we have the facts, can make decisions quickly. All the Partners sit on the Investment Committee and all other members of the firm are invited to attend and contribute. Therefore whoever works on a deal will be present when it is discussed.

We communicate openly and honestly.

“Elysian were straightforward throughout. They were transparent in explaining the process and what would happen. Elysian explained issues direct with us rather than hiding behind advisers. They were consistent and didn’t deviate from what they said and didn’t waver when the inevitable curve balls arrived.”

John Battersby, Finance Director, Access Hire Nationwide

We hold ourselves to the highest standards of integrity.